Call of Duty Ghosts Multiplayer Reveal

Discussion in 'Call of Duty: Ghosts News and General Discussion' started by TheAntiUser, Jul 30, 2013.

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    Wartyger Well-Known Member

    Unless they're using Cold Blooded. In that case, shoot anything that moves and hope you win...

    dutchpunk Well-Known Member

    People playing hardcore are screwed.

    Al that custom stuff is a waist
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    Junaid Well-Known Member

    Hey, I'm not the developer here so it ain't my job to think of the innovate ideas. But without trying to sound douchey, my view on 'real' innovation that they could realistically implement into the next Call of Duty game would be some sort of new core element to the game. Let's use CoD4 as an example, which no one will dispute as being the most innovative CoD yet - the introduction of killstreaks and perks. Could you imagine CoD today without those two elements? Probably not. That's precisely what I'm looking for in the next 'innovative' CoD game - a new core game element that, within a few years' time, no one will be able to imagine CoD without... if you know what I mean. I'm going to be honest in that I can't actually think of anything that revolutionary off the top of my head - but like I said, that's not my job. If the so-called "creative strategists" at IW can't do so either then the series is just going to get staler and staler, and I put that down as a failure on their part. The possibilities of innovation are literally limitless, so the devs must use that how they will and try to think of the best innovative new ideas they can to implement into their game as well as possible.

    Complaints? It's called speculation bro... he's not complaining about anything.
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    Aldo215 Well-Known Member

    I think you've pretty much answered your own 'question'. No, I can't imagine CoD without perks and killstreaks as that's what makes CoD CoD, so to change it too much would be too much of a departure from what we all know and love. So taking that on board I disagree with you that the innovative possibilities are limitless, quite the opposite in fact.

    The developers, as you say, came up with a groundbreaking system in CoD4 which has been built on and tweaked in the games since but it's now so synonymous with CoD that they can't (or would be fools to) change it too drastically. It's for this reason that I believe the Creative Strategists probably have thought of many new innovations, all of which are scrutinised with some making it in and others abandoned. Then they will test the game and make more changes and so on until the game is released. Some of the things we've seen or heard about Ghosts may be cut from the game between now and release for a variety of reasons.

    From what I've seen I think IW have done a great job with bringing new ideas to the table with 7 new gamemodes most of which we haven't seen yet, more customization than ever before, loads of new killstreaks, lean/slide ability, destructive environments, dynamic maps and more whilst still keeping it CoD. Obviously, many of these things are taken from other games but they are included to help make the best game possible, keeping it fresh but more importantly keeping it CoD!
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    A.C Well-Known Member

    Agreed again - the character customisation is gimmicky; I doubt I'll get round to any character-mods, let alone trying to come up with something that really uses the varierty of 20,000 possible appearance combinations.

    For me, it's the new perk/class-set-up that has me intrigued. I like that they've categorised the perks by their nature i.e stealth, handling, strength etc. As opposed to making a 3 tier'd perk system, one of which usually contains the OP perks, making this element of the class the main tough choice/compromise etc.

    Then secondly, the movement, peak round corners, mantling and being able to shoot, knee slide, is just the sort of fluidity that appeals to me.

    I think I know what I don't like so far (based on the early info)... It's the scorestreak counter, early footage shows that they it is still little notches (like in MW3) and although objectives count towards rewards in Ghosts, unless IW have somehow bettered BLOPS2, Treyarch have this element nailed on perfectly. It offers the objective player to get the swarm, like it offers the kill-whore/slayer to get the swarm.

    I've had kill-whore games, where I've just picked people off, worked up a VSAT barely playing the objective, then gone balls to the wall with the VSAT up and promptly got my Dogs and Swarm after.

    Conversely, I've gone full on objective - ended the first round 15-11, with caps and defends, and through sheer effort to win - built up to a VSAT without even keeping an eye on my meter... i.e got on a good run as the game unfolded (despite a bad start) which has rewarded me/team and helped to sway the game with the VSAT etc.

    Sorry for going on - in a nutshell, the BLOPS 2 Scorestreak system is brilliant.
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    Sulq Well-Known Member

    While I agree with Junaid on some of his points, Aldo won that argument.

    Innovations are there, may not be exactly new 'core elements' but still new innovations to say the least.

    A.C Well-Known Member

    P.S I can't wait till we get confirmed weapon lists and perk details, as well as full info on how the CaC works...

    I know I'm going to love the early threads that discuss potential classes that people are looking forward to making!

    Forget COD:Ghosts actually being released! I'm already pumped for the tiniest snippets of info that we're getting in these early days.

    More Info FTW!

    Junaid Well-Known Member

    I dunno, I would rather see them scrap some of CoD's trademark features in return for some new innovative features, than have them not give us any new core game elements at all. I guess that's just difference of opinion on that one though.

    As for the new features Ghosts is giving us - more game modes and killstreaks are practically a given, so I'm not counting that. Character customization, like I said before, I don't care much for and I'm not yet sure about the lean/slide ability. Who knows, it could be a groundbreaking new mechanic, or it could be a cheap mechanic that will get everyone on the receiving end very frustrated. Plus I'm not sure how smoothly it will work with game's controls, because I don't really see how a lean/slide feature would really fit in with CoD's gameplay controls without being overly complex or difficult to use. Like I said, we'll see though. Could be awesome, could be awful, no one kows just yet. The destructive evironments and dynamic maps I will say looks pretty sweet though - you have my approval on that one. :D

    Aldo215 Well-Known Member

    Well at least you finally agree with something I said! :) I actually agree with you too on the character customization which I've never really seen the point of in fps games.

    I certainly think IW have finally listened to the community this time around after the backlash from MW3. The maps look more varied and suitable for different playstyles as well as the new features I mentioned before. Like you said though, it's too early to know for sure but I was sceptical beforehand and now I'm more excited after seeing some footage but a lot can change in 3 months!

    xLegit ScopeZxx420 Well-Known Member

    I don't know about sliding (I'm guessing it replaces dolphin dive), but lean is contextual and works automatically when you ADS near certain objects.

    SUPERMAN 11 Well-Known Member

    The only influence from BF I see is the look of the game, mostly the guns, and the knifing. So I dont get those points. This game looks good, but there is still a lot that we have to learn about it.

    I see some innovative things, but the more they add, the more people complain. The audio for example, is awesome to me. The leaning, and knee sliding, all looks smooth and natural. The maps look great as well, very different from the generic COD maps, I like the dynamic elements.

    I'm glad they kept some ideas from the BO2 pick 10, allowing users some freedom on their classes.

    And who cares about the create-a-soldier. Its an extra feature, if it doesnt appeal to you, who cares. It's def. cool. And if they added something like after showing the ending killcam, they pan out and show off your character, or if your top of the leaderboard, other players can see your character.

    Also, a new UI, new minimap, everything is moved around and just looks better overall.

    And this is a very early build, I expect to see a lot more and learn a lot more.
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    Bullet Magnet Well-Known Member

    I think its momentum based. dolphin diving is supposed to still be possible. i think its probably in how fast your moving and how long you hold the prone button down.

    Strange Koolaid Well-Known Member

    Scratch all that! I'm pumped for all the buffing/nerfing......buffing/nerfing.......buffing/nerfing.....Learning all the minute details of guns, equipment, and perks only to relearn them all over again!
    They do this on purpose ya know...

    TheAntiUser Well-Known Member

    I do understand what you mean by innovation in regards to adding perks/killstreaks in CoD4, but you have to think of it on a smaller scale.

    COD4 - 3 killstreaks/15 perks(I think)
    COD5 - introduction of vehicles & vehicle perks
    MW2 - Added 10+ killstreaks/ Removal of Jugernaut/ added variety of weapons
    BO1 - Uncharted territory (Vietnamn era) Removal of SP
    MW3 - uhm, yeah
    BO2 - Uncharted Territory(2025), redefined class systems
    Ghosts - redefined perk/killstreak system to focus on infantry engagements and reworked the typical 5 classes (assault/smg/sniper/etc)

    You asked if we could imagine COD today without those two elements, but ask yourself the same question when it comes to the pick-10 system, the removal of jug and SP and the 15+ killstreaks that are constantly changing.

    My strongest argument,

    Call of Duty isn't as innovative as it was when you compare it to COD4, but it is always changing year by year for the better. Compare BO2 to WaW and tell me that they haven't done anything innovative.

    MegaScampi Well-Known Member

    You're all going to move on from CoD at some point or another. It happens to everybody.

    Junaid Well-Known Member

    Well yeah, but that's comparing the fifth installment in the franchise with the ninth installment. Of course you're going to notice a fair bit of difference. What I'm saying is, there needs to be a more prominent level of difference and innovation from one installment to the next.

    Plus, after WaW the evolution of the franchise started to get even more subtle. Compare MW2, the sixth installment, with BO2. Do you notice much difference? I suppose you do, but it's nowhere near as obvious as it'd be if you went back to your comparison of BO2 with WaW. The last four installments have all been very, very similar in the multiplayer department.

    Is it? I'm interested to see how that will work out...

    TheAntiUser Well-Known Member

    Yeah, you're right when you compare the MW2 to BO2, but I mean if they were to do COD4 Innovations every year, they would have died out long ago. Keeping the same formula and refining it year by year is what gets them a billion dollars per year.

    And as for the sliding/peaking around corners, I hope it's not like MoH Warfighter where you needed to use like 6 fingers to peak and shoot while ADS. Peaking around corners is going to piss a lot of people off, I'd bet.

    Junaid Well-Known Member

    That's unfortunately true, I guess that goes back to the point that the CoD community is the real one to blame.

    TheAntiUser Well-Known Member

    Yeah, but I mean seriously, what more could they possibly do other than refine it? What could they add that hasn't already been added and don't say mechs >:0. I mean I just don't think there's any major innovations left out there.

    In my opinion the only thing they really could do is rework their entire class structure (assault/sniper/smg) into something completely different. In Battlefield 2 there was like 8 categories to choose from. Separate it into Assault rifles/ Marksman rifles/ Submachine guns/Carbines/Bolt-action rifles/LMG/HMG. It would blur the line between ARs and Snipers and SMGs and ARs. Whether or not that's a good thing is a matter of opinion.

    I suppose they're doing something similar with the introduction of Marksman Rifles

    Hendy Well-Known Member

    I'm willing to bet this CoD will see a sizable drop in sales. Activision just love to run their franchises into the ground.